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Winter Season 2018 Fixture

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Summer Season 2017-18 Finals Venues

Senior Saturday Emergency Pool


Summer Season 2017-18:

BRTA Saturday grand finals

Due to wet weather on Saturday 24th March grand finals were not played at the scheduled time.  Two matches have now been completed.

By-law 5 - d last paragraph states: Finals  matches  delayed due  to stress  of  weather  must  be  played  on  the  next  “match”  day  (ie: for  Saturday  Competition  on  the  very  next  Saturday)  or  earlier by mutual  agreement. The  only  exception  to  be  gazetted  public holidays, not  school  holidays.  Any  mutually  agreed  time  must  be adhered  to. If  a  team  cannot  play  it  is  considered  a  forfeit. If  the  season  has  not  been  concluded  within  three  weeks  of the  scheduled  grand  final  date, then  the  highest  ranked remaining  team  shall  be  declared  the  winner.

Therefore Grand final day will now be Saturday, 7th April at 1.00pm.
Presentations will still be at Dendy Park at the conclusion of matches, please bring score sheets with you.
Please find matches and venues here (with 2 matches at agreed start times between teams).


All Sections
Please note that teams MUST fill out a score sheet BEFORE the match starts.  There are occasions when I need to request a copy of the score sheet and no one actually has one!!! 

Both christian and surnames MUST be entered on the score sheet as some teams have more than 1 player with the same christian name.

Jillian Sanders 
Record Secretary


Matches Scheduled on 2-3 December
Please pass the following on to ALL your teams.  Washouts are still to be entered online as per normal after 12.00 noon Saturday.

As many team members will already be aware, a number of severe weather warnings are currently in place across Victoria for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Following a review of the situation and given all available information, we have decided to cancel all Bayside Regional Tennis Association Matches this weekend 2-3 December, 2017.

This significant action is being taken for two reasons.  Firstly, the forecast for extremely heavy rainfalls will leave courts unplayable and not suitable for tennis.

Additionally, we don’t want our players to be encouraged to travel to tennis when all the best advice is asking us not to be on the roads unnecessarily during the very heavy rain, flash flooding, and electrical storms.

We fully appreciate the significant inconvenience this will cause across our competitions, particularly the Sunday morning Junior competitions where many sections are already dealing with washouts from last Sunday, however our players and officials safety must always take priority.
Saturday Junior grand finals will be completed on Saturday 9th December.
Sunday Junior finals will be completed as double headers (Semi & Grand Finals) on Sunday 10th December (where applicable).  Further details of venues and times will follow early next week.

This is a severe weather event like few seen in this state, and we ask that you all stay safe this weekend.

You can keep up to date with the current situation at

·        http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/warn ings/

·        http://emergency.vic.gov.au/re spond/


Men's singles/doubles section 9

Please be advised that East Malvern 1 has withdrawn from competition.
Section 9 will now read as follows:
1 Beaumaris LTC
2 MCC Glen Iris Valley Roy
3 Bye
4 Maccabi 1
5 East Malvern 2
6 Maccabi 2
7 Carmelite
8 Ormond


Summer Season 2015-16:

Men's Rubbers Section 2 Centenary Park #1 team 
- Winners of the Butterworth Cup for Summer.

Winter Season 2015:

Parkdale Section 1 Mens Rubbers team  -  Winners of the Butterworth Cup



Ladies & Mens Singles/Doubles:

A reminder that by-law 3j states "Matches shall consist of four eight game sets of singles in which each player shall play an opposing player in order of merit, FOLLOWED by a rubber of doubles in which each pair shall play an opposing pair......"
Please note that singles is to be played before the doubles.

Please note that singles/doubles teams must play singles matches in order of merit as entered on entry forms. By-law 3j. Any player that plays lower than their nominated order of merit will lose their singles match 0-8. This may, or may not, change the result of the match. The club will also be fined $15 for each offence.

Mixed Rubbers:

When entering scores on-line for Mixed Rubbers sections could you please enter the Mens rubber first, followed by the Ladies rubber, then the 2 Mixed rubbers. If the ladies is entered first the statistics for teams will be incorrect!

Submission of Match Scores:

All match scores for the Weekend Senior Competition are to be submitted via the on-line scoring system (TROLS), which can be accessed via this link. Note that a User ID and Password are required in order to submit match scores. 

All score sheets for the Weekend Senior Competition are to be retained by the Home club until after the date of the Grand Final. In the event of any query, a request may be made for the scoresheet to be submitted to the Record Secretary for review.

Here are links to the manuals for the on-line entering system in PDF format.

Result Entry Handbook    

Player Statistics Handbook    

Club Contacts Handbook    

Third Set Tie-Break

The Committee is trialling the option of playing a third set tie break (instead of a third set) for the Summer Competition 2012-13 in Ladies Rubbers, Mens Rubbers and Mixed Rubbers. The option to play a third set tie break is to be decided before the start of the match, with both Captains in agreement.
This option does NOT apply for Ladies & Mens singles/doubles matches.

Mobile Phones

As a courtesy to other players, all mobile telephones should be turned to silent for the duration of all matches. Special allowance may be made in the case of medical emergencies.

Matches at Melbourne University Tennis Club

Players cannot park onsite at the University - there is no casual parking, it is all permit parking. The only parking available is in the nearby streets - generally parking is free after 12:30pm on Saturday however again, there are permit zones around the inner city streets so it is necessary to read the signs carefully.

Adverse Weather

In the case of adverse weather, both teams must attend at the venue for play. Score sheets need to be filled in, and names entered into the on-line system.

Heat Outs
It appears that some matches have been declared "heatouts" on a day prior to the date of the match, and that some teams have not arrived at courts. By-law 12 states - "If the temperature should reach 35 degrees C at the appointed starting time or thereafter, play may be stopped at the option of either captain. Any postponement must NOT be arranged before the appointed starting time." By-law 10d also states that all players must be in attendance within 30 minutes of the appointed starting time. Refer to this link for selected current temperature readings: BOM - Latest Weather Observations for the Melbourne Area

Senior Saturday Emergency Pool

The Committee are trialling an emergency pool for Saturday afternoon competition.

Pool players will be graded by the Record Secretary

Can play up to 4 times for one club

Special permission required for finals

Clubs will be able to view the emergency pool on the Website. Follow this Link.

Jillian Sanders 
Record Secretary Bayside Regional Tennis Association 
9584 5260 or 0419 501 365


Last updated 13 April 2018