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The following amended set of Rules was adopted at a Special General Meeting of the Association held on 21 October 2013, and has been approved by Consumer Affairs Victoria.



Registered Number A0040463W  



1.         NAME


The name of the incorporated association is Bayside Regional Tennis Association Incorporated (in these rules called 'the Association')


2.         PURPOSES


            The purposes for which the incorporated association has been established are:  

2.1       To promote, encourage, control and advance the game of Tennis within the area of the Association’s activities, and for such purpose to co-ordinate the activities of its members;  

2.2       To arrange, manage and/or sanction tournaments and competitions between its members and to regulate all related matters;  

2.3       To select district tennis teams and to provide for their proper management;  

2.4       To delegate the management and conduct of any competition to any member or body;  

2.5       To organise and control coaching for members of clubs which are members of the Association;  

2.6       To arbitrate and settle disputes between members;  

2.7       To purchase, take on, lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire, any real or personal property or any estate or interest therein, or any rights or privileges relating thereto which may be requisite for purposes of, or capable of being conveniently used in connection with any of the purposes of the Association;  

2.8       To borrow raise or administer money in such manner as the Association thinks fit and to secure the same or the repayment or performance of any debt, liability contract or guarantee or other engagement incurred or to be entered into by the Association in any way and in particular by the issue of debentures perpetual or otherwise charged upon any of the property (both present and future) of the Association and to purchase, redeem or pay off any such securities;

2.9       To lend and advance money or give credit whether secured or not to any member and to guarantee and give guarantees or indemnities for the payment of money or the performance of contracts or obligations by any members;  

2.10     To devote the profit or other income of the Association for promotion of the game of Tennis and carrying out or giving effect to these purposes or any of them;  

2.11     To carry out and further all or any of the purposes herein before specified either alone or in partnership or by way of joint venture with any person, association, trust, corporation, firm, institution, government, instrumentality of government, municipal authority or other body.




3.1       In these rules unless the contrary intention appears:  

            'Act' means the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, and includes any regulations made under that Act;  

'Applicant' means a tennis club applying for membership in accordance with Rule 4.2.  

            'Committee' means the Committee of Management of the Association;  

'Competition' means those tennis competitions as may be organised by the Association from time to time and includes all tournaments;  

            'Financial year' means the year ending on 31 March;  

            'Fixtures' means books, cards or electronic documents setting out:  

(a)             match fixtures for the forthcoming season;  

(b)             the location of Member Clubs;  

(c)             relevant contacts for each Member Club; and  

            (d)        details of relevant by-laws.  

'General Meeting' means a general meeting of one delegate from each Member Club, Life Members, and other persons as elected to the committee convened in accordance with Rules 12 and 13;  

            'Member Club' means a tennis club which is a member of the Association;  

'Minute book' means the book kept by the Secretary in accordance with Rule 24;  

'Ordinary Member of the Committee' means a member of the Committee who is not an officer of the Association under Rule 20;  

'Record Secretary' means an officer of the Association who administers the results of Competitions;  

'Register' means the register of members kept by the Secretary in accordance with Rule 8;  

'Registrar' means the Registrar of Incorporated Associations;  

            'Regulations' means Regulations under the Act;  

'Secretary' means the person who holds office under these Rules as Secretary of the Association.  

'Bayside Regional' means suburbs on the south and east of Port Phillip Bay as determined by the Association.  

'Team Entry Subscription Fee' means any subscription fee required to be paid to the Association in respect of an applicant's or Member Club's team entries in each Competition as determined by the Committee;  

'Tournament Entry Fee' means a fee required to be paid to the Association in respect of an entry in a tournament organised by the Association.


3.2       Words or expressions contained in these Rules shall be interpreted in accordance with the provisions of the Interpretation of the Legislation Act 1984 and the Act as in force from time to time.  

3.3       In these rules unless the context otherwise requires:  

            (a)        words importing the singular number include the plural number and vice versa;  

            (b)        a reference to a Section or Schedule of the Act or Regulations is a reference to that present provision as amended, renumbered, or re-enacted from time to time;  

            (c)        a heading of clause is deemed to be part of that clause; and  

            (d)        a reference to a clause or sub-clause is a reference to a clause or sub clause of these Rules.  



4.1     Tennis clubs whose courts are situated within the Bayside Regional area, or are invited by the Committee to make application for membership, are eligible for membership of the Association.  

4.2       A Tennis Club satisfying the eligibility requirements for membership of the Association set out in clause 4.1 may make an application for membership to the Secretary in the form set out in Appendix 1.  

4.3       As soon as is practicable after the receipt of an application, the Secretary shall refer the application to the Committee.  

4.4       Upon an application being referred to the Committee, the Committee shall determine whether to approve or reject the application.  

4.5       Upon an application being approved by the Committee, the Secretary shall notify the Applicant in writing of the approval.  

4.6       Upon receipt of the Team Entry Subscription Fee payable by the Applicant, the Secretary shall enter the Applicant's name in the Register.  

4.7       Upon being entered in the Register, the Applicant shall become a member of the Association and entitled to the privileges of membership for the ensuing 12 months.




5.1       A member of the Association who is entitled to vote has the right:  

            (a)        to receive notice of general meetings and of proposed special resolutions in the manner and time prescribed by these Rules; and  

            (b)        to submit items of business for consideration at a general meeting; and  

(c)        to attend and be heard at general meetings; and  

            (d)        to vote at a general meeting; and  

            (e)        to have access to the minutes of general meetings and other documents of the Association as provided under Rule 33; and  

            (f)         to inspect the register of members.   

 5.2     A right, privilege or obligation of a Member Club, by reason of its membership with the Association:  

            (a)        is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person or club;  

            (b)        terminates upon the cessation of its membership whether by resignation or otherwise.




6.1       The Association may, by a three quarter majority in General Meeting and subject to this clause, elect any person whom it considers to have rendered special service to the Association or to the game of tennis as an honorary life member of the Association.  

6.2       Life members shall be members of the Association and shall have the right to attend and vote at general meetings of  the Association, but shall not be required to pay any Team Entry Subscription Fee or other fees.  

6.3       Nominations for life membership must be received by the Secretary from Member Clubs not less that 28 days prior to the annual general meeting and the Secretary shall include notice of such nominations in the notice convening the annual general meeting.  

6.4       Not more than one life member may be elected at any one annual general meeting.

6.5       Life Members of the former Caulfield Carrum and Southern Districts Tennis Associations are deemed to be Life Members of the Association.




7.1       The Team Entry Subscription Fee shall be determined by the Committee, and shall entitle each Member Club to Fixtures relevant to the competition in which

7.2       The Tournament Entry Fee shall be determined by the Committee at least 28 days prior to a tournament.  

7.3       All subscriptions and any fines imposed by the Committee on a Member Club are a debt to the Association and must be paid to the Treasurer within 30 days of becoming due. Failure to pay the debt within that time shall, at the discretion of the Committee, make the Member Club liable to a penalty or to suspension from the Competition during the period in which such amount remains unpaid.                      




8.1       The Secretary shall keep and maintain a register of members in which shall be entered the full name, address and date of entry of the name of each member and the register shall be available for inspection by members at the address of the Secretary.




9.1       A Member Club resigns from the Association where:  

            (a)        the Member Club fails to enter a team in any competitions for a continuous period of 12 months;  

            (b)        the Member Club withdraws its team for a continuous period of 12 months; or  

(c)             the Member Club gives notice to the Secretary of its intention to resign from the Association.  

            (d)        Notwithstanding clauses (a) and (b) as above, a Member Club, not participating in the competition, may elect to retain the rights and privileges of membership on payment of an annual fee as determined by the Committee.  

9.2       Upon resignation by a Member club, it shall cease to be a member of the Association after the expiration of one month from the date of resignation.  

9.3       The Secretary shall make entries in the Register recording the date that a Member Club ceases to be a member.




10.1     Subject to these Rules, the Committee may by resolution:  

            (a)        expel a member from the Association;  

            (b)        suspend a member from membership of the Association for a specified period; or  

            (c)        fine a member in accordance with the Regulations, if the Committee is of the opinion that the member, or any of its members:  

(i)               has refused or neglected to comply with the rules; or 

(ii)              has been guilty of conduct unbecoming to a member or prejudicial to the interest of the Association.

10.2     Where the Committee passes a resolution under clause 10. 1, the Secretary shall, as soon as practicable, cause to be served on the member a notice:  

            (a)        setting out the resolution of the Committee and the grounds on which it is based; and  

            (b)        informing the member that it may lodge with the Secretary a notice to the effect that it wishes to appeal to the Association in General Meeting against the resolution.  

10.3     Where a notice is lodged with the Secretary pursuant to sub-clause 10.2(b), the Secretary shall notify the Committee and the Committee shall convene a General Meeting of the Association to be held within 21 days after the date on which the Secretary received the notice.  

10.4     At a General Meeting of the Association convened under clause 10.3:  

(a)             no business other than the question of the appeal shall be transacted;  

(b)             the Committee may place before the meeting details of the grounds for the resolution and the reasons for the passing of the resolution;  

(c)             the member shall be given an opportunity to be heard; and  

            (d)        the members present shall vote by secret ballot on the question of whether the resolution should be confirmed or revoked.  

10.5     If at a General Meeting:  

            (a)        two-thirds of the members present vote in favour of the resolution the resolution is confirmed; and  

            (b)        in any other case, the resolution is revoked.




11.1     The grievance procedure set out in this rule applies to disputes under these Rules between:  

            (a)        a member and another member; or  

            (b)        a member and the Association.  

11.2     The parties to the dispute must meet and discuss the matter in dispute, and, if possible, resolve the dispute within 14 days after the dispute comes to the attention of all of the parties.  

11.3     If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute at the meeting, or if a party fails to attend that meeting, then the parties must, within 10 days, hold a meeting in the presence of a mediator.  

11.4     The mediator must be:  

            (a)        a person chosen by agreement between the parties: or           

            (b)        in the absence of agreement  

                        (i)         in the case of a dispute between a member and another member, a person appointed by the committee of the Association; or  

                        (ii)        in the case of a dispute between a member and the Association, a person who is a mediator appointed or employed by the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.  

11.5     A member of the Association can be a mediator.  

11.6     The mediator cannot be a member who is a party to the dispute.  

11.7     The parties to the dispute must, in good faith, attempt to settle the dispute by mediation.  

11.8     The mediator, in conducting the mediation, must:  

            (a)        give the parties to the mediation process every opportunity to be heard; and  

            (b)        allow due consideration by all parties of any written statement submitted by any party; and  

            (c)        ensure that natural justice is accorded to the parties to the dispute throughout the mediation process.  

11.9     The mediator must not determine the dispute.  

11.10   If the mediation process does not result in the dispute being resolved, the parties may seek to resolve the dispute in accordance with the Act or otherwise at law.




12.1     The Association shall in each calendar year convene an annual general meeting of its members.  

12.2     The annual general meeting shall be held during the month of May on a day determined by the Committee.  

12.3     The annual general meeting shall be specified as such in the notice convening it.

12.4     The ordinary business of the annual general meeting shall be:  

            (a)        to confirm the minutes of the last preceding annual general meeting and of any General Meeting held since that meeting;  

            (b)        to receive from the Secretary a report of the Association's activities over the last preceding year;  

            (c)        to receive and consider the statement submitted by the Association to members detailing its:  

(i)               income and expenditure during the last financial year;  

(ii)              the assets and liabilities at the end of the last financial year;  

(iii)            any mortgages, charges or securities of any description affecting any property of the incorporated association at the end of its last financial year; and  

(iv)            if the Association was a trustee of any trust during part or all of the last financial year, those details set out in (i) - (iii) above in respect of each of those trusts.  

            (d)        to elect officers of the Association and the Ordinary Members of the Committee;  

            (e)        to consider such other business as may be brought forward at an annual general meeting.  

12.5     The annual general meeting may transact special business of which notice is given in accordance with these rules.  

12.6     The annual general meeting shall be in addition to any other General Meeting that may be held in the same year.




13.1     All General Meetings other than the annual general meeting shall be called special general meetings.  

13.2     The Committee may, whenever it thinks fit, convene a special general meeting of the Association and where, but for this rule, more that 15 months would lapse between annual general meetings, shall convene a special general meeting before the expiration of the period.  

13.3     The Committee shall, on the requisition in writing of members representing not less than 5% of the total number of members, convene a special general meeting of the Association.  

13.4     The requisition for a special general meeting shall state the objects of the meeting and shall be signed by all of the members making the requisition and be sent to the Secretary and may consist of several documents in a like form, each signed by one or more of the members making the requisition.  

13.5     If the Committee does not cause a special general meeting to be held within 1 month after the date on which the requisition is sent to the address of the Secretary, the members making the requisition, or any of them, may convene a special general meeting to be held not later than 3 months after that date.  

13.6     A special general meeting convened by members in pursuance of these rules shall be convened in the same manner as nearly as possible as that in which those meetings are convened by the Committee and all reasonable expenses incurred in convening the meeting shall be refunded by the Association to the person incurring the expenses.




14.1     The Secretary of the Association shall, at least 14 days or, if a special resolution has been proposed, at least 21 days before the day fixed for holding a General Meeting of the Association, cause to be sent to each member at the address appearing in the Register, a notice by prepaid post or electronic mail, stating the place, date and time for the meeting and the nature of the business to be transacted at the meeting.  

14.2     No business other then that set out in the notice convening a meeting shall be transacted at the meeting.  

14.3     A member desiring to bring any business before a meeting may give notice of that business in writing to the Secretary, who shall include that business in the notice calling the next General Meeting.




15.1     All business that is transacted at a special general meeting and all business that is transacted at the annual general meeting other than ordinary business of the annual general meeting shall be deemed to be special business.  

15.2     No item of business shall be transacted at a General Meeting unless a quorum of members is present during the time when the meeting is considering that item.  

15.3     Delegates of 50% of Member Clubs present (being Member Clubs entitled under these rules to vote at a General Meeting) constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of a General Meeting.

15.4     If a quorum is not present within half an hour from the time appointed for a General Meeting:  

            (a)        Where the meeting was convened upon the requisition of members - the meeting shall be dissolved; or  

            (b)        in any other case:  

                        (i)         the meeting stands adjourned to such day, and at such time and place, as the Chairman determines, or, if no determination is made by the Chairman, to the same day in the next week at the same time and place; and  

                        (ii)        if at the adjourned meeting a quorum is not present within half an hour from the time appointed for the meeting:  

                                    (A)       delegates of three Member Clubs constitute a quorum; or  

                                    (B)       where delegates of three Member Clubs are not present - the meeting shall be dissolved.  

15.5     The Committee may, at its discretion, fine any Member Club unrepresented at any General Meeting of the Association.




16.1     The President, or in his absence a Vice President, shall preside as chairman at each General Meeting of the Association.  

16.2     If the President and the vice Presidents are absent from a General Meeting, the members present shall elect one of their number to preside as the Chairman at the meeting.




17.1     The Chairman of a General Meeting at which a quorum is present may, with the consent of the meeting, adjourn the meeting to another time at the same place or at another place, but no business shall be transacted at an adjourned meeting other than the business left unfinished at the meeting at which the adjournment took place.  

17.2     Where a meeting is adjourned for 14 days or more, notice of that adjourned meeting shall be given in the manner prescribed by rule 14 for a General Meeting.  

17.3     Except as provided in Rules 17.1 and 17.2, it is not necessary to give notice of an adjournment or of the business to be transacted at an adjourned meeting.

18.       VOTING


18.1     A question arising at a General Meeting of the Association shall be determined on a show of hands unless a poll is demanded in accordance with clause 18.7.  

18.2     A declaration by the Chairman as to whether a resolution has been carried or lost and an entry to that effect in the Minute Book is evidence of the result of that resolution.  

18.3     Upon any question arising at a General Meeting of the Association, each member is entitled to one vote unless that member has been suspended from the Association by the Committee pursuant to the powers given in rule 10 in which case the member shall not be entitled to vote during the period of suspension.  

18.4     Each Member Club entitled to a vote under Rule 4.7 shall appoint one delegate to vote on behalf of that Member club at General Meetings of the Association.  

18.5     All votes shall be given personally by members. There shall be no voting by proxy.  

18.6     In the case of equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting is entitled to exercise a casting vote.  

18.7     Where a poll is demanded at a meeting by not less than 5 delegates of Member Clubs, it shall be taken at that meeting in such manner as the Chairman directs and the resolution of the poll shall be deemed to be the resolution of the meeting in the question.




19.1     The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Committee of Management constituted as provided in Rule 21.  

19.2     The Committee:  

            (a)        subject to these Rules, the Regulations and the Act, has power to perform all such acts and things as appear to the Committee to be essential for the proper management of the business and affairs of the Association;  

            (b)        shall control and manage the business affairs of the Association which include but are not limited to:  

(i)               grading of teams and players;  

(ii)              management of competitions and tournaments;  

(iii)            registration of players - the Committee shall have the right to refuse, cancel or review the entrance of any player without assigning any reason, and its decision shall be final;  

(iv)            granting of transfers and permits to players;  

(v)             adjudication of disputes;  

(vi)            fining of Member Clubs for breaches of these rules; and  

                        (vii)      selection of representative teams;  

            (c)        may, subject to these Rules, the Regulations and the Act, exercise all such powers and functions as may be exercised by the Association other than those powers and functions required by these Rules to be exercised in General Meeting, and, subject to the procedures set down in these Rules, the decision of the Committee shall be absolute.  

19.3     The Committee shall meet monthly during the competition season, and otherwise as deemed necessary.




20.1     The Officers of the Association shall be:  

(a)             President;  

(b)             Vice Presidents (2);  

(c)             Secretary;  

(d)             Assistant Secretary;  

(e)             Treasurer;  

(f)               Record Secretaries;  

            (g)        Junior Development Officer.  

20.2     The provisions of Rule 18 so far as they are applicable and with the necessary modification apply to the election of persons as Officers of the Association.  

20.3     Each Officer shall hold office until the next annual general meeting following the date of the Officer's election but is eligible for re-election.  

20.4     In the event of a casual vacancy in any office referred to in rule 20.1, the Committee may appoint an Ordinary Member of the Committee to the vacant office and the person so appointed may continue in office up to and including the conclusion of the annual general meeting next following the date of the person's appointment.




21.1     The Committee shall consist of:  

(a)             the Officers of the Association; and  

            (b)        3 Ordinary Members of the Committee.  

21.2     Each Ordinary Member of the Committee shall, subject to these rules, hold office until the annual general meeting following the date of the member's election but is eligible for re-election.  

21.3     In the event of the casual vacancy occurring in the office of an Ordinary Member of the Committee, the Committee may appoint any delegate of one of the Member Clubs to fill the vacancy and the person so appointed shall hold office, subject to these rules, until the conclusion of the annual general meeting next following the date of the delegate's appointment.




22.1     Any Life Member or delegate of a Member Club or other person is entitled to be nominated as an Officer of the Association or Ordinary Member of the Committee.  

22.2     Nominations of candidates for election as Officers of the Association or as Ordinary Members of the Committee shall be submitted by the Life Members and Member Club delegates at the annual general meeting.  

22.3     If insufficient nominations are received at the meeting to fill all vacancies on the Committee, the candidates nominated shall be deemed to be elected, and any vacancies may be filled at the discretion of the Committee.  

22.4     If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, a ballot shall be held.  

22.5     The ballot for the election of the Officers and Ordinary Members of the Committee shall be conducted at the annual general meeting in such usual and proper manner as the Committee may direct.  

22.6     For the purposes of these rules, the office of an Officer of the Association or of an Ordinary Member of the Committee shall become vacant if the Officer or Ordinary Member:  

(a)   ceases to be a member of the Association, or the Member Club which they represent ceases to be a member of the Association; 

(b)   resigns from office;  

            (c)  fails to attend three consecutive meetings without the consent of the Committee.




23.1     The Committee shall meet at such place and such times as the Committee may determine.  

23.2     Special meetings of the Committee may be convened by the President or by any 4 members of the Committee.  

23.3     Notice shall be given to members of the Committee of any special meeting specifying the general nature of the business to be transacted and no other business shall be transacted at such a meeting.  

23.4     Any 7 members of the Committee constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of a meeting of the Committee.  

23.5     No business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present and if within half an hour of the time appointed for the meeting a quorum is not present the meeting shall stand adjourned to the same place and at the same hour of the same day in the following week unless the meeting was a special meeting in which case it lapses.  

23.6     At meetings of the Committee:  

            (a)        the President or in his absence a Vice-President shall preside; or  

            (b)        if the President and the Vice-Presidents are absent, such one of the remaining members of the Committee as may be chosen by the members present shall preside.  

23.7     Questions arising at a meeting of the Committee or of any sub-committee appointed by the Committee shall be determined by a show of hands or, if demanded by a Committee member, by a poll taken in such manner as the person presiding at the meeting may determine.  

23.8     Each Committee member present at a meeting of the Committee or of any sub-committee appointed by the Committee (including the person presiding at the meeting) is entitled to one vote and, in the event of an equality of votes on any question, the person presiding may exercise a second or casting vote.  

23.9     Notice of each Committee meeting shall be given to each member of the Committee.  

24.       SECRETARY


24.1     The Secretary of the Association shall keep minutes of the resolutions and proceedings of each General Meeting and each committee meeting in books provided for the purpose together with a record of the names of persons present at committee meetings.  

24.2     Where the office of Secretary becomes vacant, the Committee shall, within 14 days after the vacancy arises, appoint a person to fill the vacancy.  

24.3     The Secretary shall, within 14 days of appointment, give notice in writing to the Registrar of his appointment.


25.       TREASURER


25.1     The Treasurer of the Association;  

            (a)        shall collect and receive all moneys due to the Association and make all payments authorized by the Association; and           

            (b)        shall keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the Association with full details of all receipts and expenditure connected with the activities of the Association.  

25.2     The accounts and books referred to in Rule 25.1 shall be available for inspection by members.




26.1     The Association in General Meeting may by resolution remove any member of the Committee before the expiration of his term of office and appoint another member in his stead to hold office until the expiration of the term of the firstmentioned member.  

26.2     Where the member to whom the proposed resolution referred to in clause 26.1 makes representations in writing to the Secretary or President of the Association (not exceeding a reasonable length) and requests that they be notified to the members of the Association, the Secretary or the President may send a copy of the representations to each member of the Association or, if they are not sent, the member may require that they be read out at the meeting.  


27.       (Deleted)  




28.1     The Association must open an account with a financial institution from which all expenditure of the Association is made and into which all of the Association’s revenue is deposited.  

28.2     All cheques, bank transfers, drafts, promissory notes and other negotiable instruments may be signed or authorised by any two of the President, Treasurer and Secretary.


29.       SEAL


29.1     The Common Seal of the Association shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary.  

29.2     The Common Seal shall not be affixed to any instrument except by the authority of the Committee and the affixing of the common seal shall be attested by the signature of any two of the President, Treasurer and Secretary.




These Rules including the statement of purposes of the Association shall not be altered except in accordance with the Act.


31.       NOTICES


31.1     A notice may be served by or on behalf of the Association upon any Member Club by serving it personally on the Secretary of that Member Club or by sending it by post or electronic mail to the Member Club at its address shown in the register.  

31.2     Where a document is properly addressed pre-paid and posted to a person as a letter, the document shall, unless the contrary is proved, be deemed to have been given to the person at the time at which the letter would have been delivered in the ordinary course of post.




32.1     The Association may be wound up voluntarily by special resolution.  

32.2     In the event of the winding up or the cancellation of the incorporation of the Association, the Assets of the Association shall be disposed of in accordance with the provisions of the Act.




33.1     Except as otherwise provided in these Rules, all books, documents and securities of the Association shall be kept in the custody of and under the control of the Secretary.  

33.2     Members may on request inspect free of charge:  

(a)   The register of members;  

(b)   The minutes of general meetings;  

(c)   Subject to sub-rule 33.3, the financial records, books, securities and other relevant document of the Association, excluding minutes of Committee meetings.  

33.3     The Committee may refuse to permit a member to inspect records of the Association that relate to confidential, personal, employment, commercial or legal matters or where it considers that to do so may be prejudicial to the interests of the Association.  

33.4     Subject to sub-rule 33.3, a member may make a copy of any of the other records of the Association referred to in this Rule, and the Association may charge a reasonable fee for provision of a copy of such a record.


34.       FUNDS


The funds of the Association shall be derived from Team Entry Subscription Fees, Tournament Entry Fees, donations and such other sources as the Committee determines.





Application for membership of




(Full name of Applicant Club)


of ………………………………………………………………………………………….



desires to become a member of Bayside Regional Tennis Association Incorporated.

In the event of our admission as a Member Club we agree to be bound by the rules of the Association for the time being in force.  


………………………………..       ……………..

Signature of Secretary                 Date








Last updated 29 January 2016