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Question How do we register an emergency player?
Answer (1) Place an (E) beside their name on the scoresheet.
(2) List them in the area for Emergency players at the bottom of the sheet - just above the area for captains' signatures.
(3) Have the opposition captain sign under the Emergency's name.

Or: Email the name of the Player to the Record Secretary by the night before the match.

Question If I have played as an emergency in Section 1 on one occasion, could I later play as an emergency in a Section 3 team?
Answer In general, the Answer may be No.
It would be necessary to contact the appropriate Record Secretary to discuss whether this would be appropriate. Otherwise the team may lose points for playing a player deemed to have strengthened the graded team.
Note that if you have been an emergency for a team on four or more occasions, you are no longer eligible to play in lower teams.
Question If a player has played for a club in one season, can he/she play as an emergency for another club in the next season without a transfer from the previous club?
Answer No!! If in doubt, you should contact the relevant Record Secretary.
Question When is a player no longer eligible to be in the emergency pool?
Answer After he/she has played as an emergency at any one club on more than 4 occasions in the one season.
Question What do we do if our courts are unplayable (e.g. due to wind etc) and we decide to move the match to another venue?
Answer You need to inform the Record Secretary before you make a venue change. Once the Record Secretary has approved the change the match may commence. Failure to inform the Record Secretary will incur a fine of $20.00.
Question Can a Club deny you access to their courts for competition if you are not wearing the correct shoes?
Answer Yes!
Question In Sunday Juniors matches, do players have to play in the same order in each match?
Answer Every section must play in the nominated order approved by the BRTA Record Secretary.
Question In Junior Singles/Doubles Sunday competition, does it matter which nominated singles player plays with another in Doubles? That is, can it be 1+3, 1+4, etc.?
Answer No. It does not matter in which combination players are played in the Doubles matches.
Question Do we need to fill out surnames on the scoresheets?
Answer Yes. Teams must list players' christian names and surnames.
Question Do we have to fill out a scoresheet for finals matches?
Answer Yes. A scoresheet needs to be completed for each finals match.
Question Do I need to fill in a scoresheet if we have a washout?
Answer Yes. A scoresheet is required for EVERY match. Names of all players in both teams must be listed.
Question Who sends in the scoresheet if there is a forfeit?
Answer The team which receives the forfeit should send in the scoresheet.
Question Where can we get extra scoresheets?
Answer They can be found on the BRTA website under "Forms".




Last updated 29 July 2018