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Finals Venues - Spring 2018

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Updates - Autumn Season 2018:

Beach Road, Sunday 4th March
Please note that Beach Rd will be closed on Sunday, 4th March from 6.30am until 12.00 noon due to a Triathalon. This will affect teams traveling to or from Carmelite and Tennis World.

Kooyong Scotch matches
Please be advised that all Kooyong Scotch matches from Sunday 18th February will now be played on the blue Plexicushion courts at Scotch College rather than the Junior School court.  They are situated at the end of Morrison Street on the right hand side near the river.

All Sections
This is a reminder that teams MUST fill out score sheets BEFORE commencing their match.  Both Christian names and Surnames MUST be entered on the score sheet.  Also for emergencies you must add the date of birth.
Note that I will only accept change of order, or any questions, from the nominated club delegate!
Jillian Sanders
Record Secretary

Sections 11, 18 and 23

Please be advised that St Leonards Tennis will start home matches at 8.00am.  This has been updated on the trols page.

Section 22

Due to unforeseen circumstances Bentleigh Rec has withdrawn from competition.  As there was a bye in the section BRTA has changed this to a 6 draw section.  Round 1 matches are completely different to the 8 draw.  As per the by-laws this will be a 1 v 2 grand final.
Section 22 will now read as follows:
2 Black Rock "
3 St Louis de Montfort
4 Caulfield Rec 1
5 Caulfield Rec 2
6 Kings Park

Section 2

Due to unforeseen circumstances Carmelite has withdrawn from competition.
Section 2 will now read as follows:
1 Coatesville *
2 Bye
3 Beaumaris LTC
4 GPHC ^
5 Kooyong 1
6 Kooyong 2
7 Aspendale
8 Royal South Yarra


Start Times for Matches

As you are aware, some clubs have different start times.  These are advised on the Junior Fixture that the BRTA Secretary emailed out before the season commenced.  The start times are also noted on the fixture page of TROLS and in (brackets) next to the team name on the ladders.
Some teams are arriving late and therefore need to forfeit sets to complete matches before the following matches that have been scheduled for a later time at the venue.
By-law 10d states - In the event of the non-appearance of a team, or one or more members of a team, after 30 minutes of the appointed starting time, the match shall be declared lost by the team in default, and the defaulting team shall be fined unless good and sufficient cause to the contrary be shown to the Executive. All remaining rubbers or sets must be played for the awarding of points and percentage.
Therefore if a team only has 3 players they MUST play 3 singles sets and 1 doubles set.  Hopefully the player that does not play singles does play in the doubles.  These scores MUST be entered when entering scores sheets and a note in the comments area would be appreciated to make sure the 4 points for the match go to the appropriate team.
Please check start times for matches.
Thank you

Jillian Sanders
Record Secretary
Bayside Regional Tennis Association
9584 5260 or 0419 501 365


BRTA Sunday score sheets

Many teams are not completing score sheets correctly.
There are teams that are not entering surnames on score sheets.
I do not want to see any "no name" or "???" for a surname.
It is the home team's responsibility to make sure the score sheet is filled in correctly with christian & surnames, and date of birth for any emergency.  This is to be filled out before the match commences. The captains of the teams are signing the score sheet to say it is true and correct.
In future, any scores entered into the computer without a proper name will be fined for an incomplete score sheet.
If any of your players has "???" on the result page for a surname please advise me ASAP of the correct name, also any missing DOB.
Thank you
Jillian Sanders
Record Secretary
Bayside Regional Tennis Association
9584 5260 or 0419 501 365




When filling score sheets out they MUST include BOTH CHRISTIAN NAME and SURNAMES of all players. Some delegates are having trouble deciding on who to enter on the on-line program, especially when teams have more than 1 player with the same name.

If there is a washout, teams MUST still fill out names (first name and surname) on the score sheet.

A reminder also that our Junior teams are to supply refreshments for both teams when playing at home. This is referred to in by-law 11 on your fixture. 

Notifications to Opposition Teams
If a club is notifying an opposition team of an early/late start due to water restrictions etc, the opposition MUST be notified by Wednesday.

Kooyong Scotch 
Directions To Kooyong Scotch Courts: Turn off Glenferrie Road in a westerly direction into Callantina Road. Turn left off Callantina Road into Morrison Street, travel 200 metres down Morrison Street to the Junior School courts on your left hand side. If you get to the blue Plexicushion courts you have gone too far. 


On-Line Scores Entry System:

All match scores for the Sunday Juniors Competition are to be submitted via the on-line scoring system (TROLS), which can be accessed via this link. Note that a User ID and Password are required in order to submit match scores.

All score sheets are to be retained by the Home club until after the date of the Grand Final. In the event of any query, a request may be made for the scoresheet to be submitted to the Record Secretary for review. 

Attached, in PDF format, are the handbooks for the On-Line Scores Entry System.

Result Entry Handbook    

Player Statistics Handbook    

Club Contacts Handbook




Last updated 20 October 2018