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Associations Junior League for 2017:

The former Junior Pennant competition has been renamed and officially will be called the Associations Junior League (AJL). Being a competition that Tennis Victoria run for Associations and provide kids the opportunity to represent their Association and play within their age group, we feel that this new name captures these important elements which the competition provides.

The following Tennis Victoria  link provides further information about the competition:

The Nomination Form for 2017 Associations Junior League (AJL) can be found here.   Age groups are 10 & under, 12 & under, and 14 & under. 

Juliann Smith
Bayside/Moorabbin Junior Pennant
Ph 0407565478
baysidemoorabbintennis@gmail.c om


Out of Age Request Form

Please see the 2017 AJL Out of Age Request Form.


National Approved Tennis Balls

Please click on the link to the TA National Approved Tennis Ball list as per Rule 14 for the 2017 Season.

http://www.tennis.com.au/learn /courts-and-surfaces/resources /approved-balls



Junior Pennant for 2016:

Congratulations to our successful Bayside / Moorabbin Teams!

Winners of 16A Junior Pennant Boys:
Left to right Jarrod Scott, Jack Bruce-Smith, Wes Neylon, Lachlan McAndrew, Tom Neylon, Cooper Gibbs. The 2016 player of the year for 16A was Jack Bruce-Smith.


Winners of 12B Junior Pennant Girls:
Chloe Hecker, Alexandra Gabriel, Allegra Dureau and Emily Collins

Left to right Allegra Dureau, Alexandra Gabriel, Chloe Hecker, Emily Collins


Runners-up in U10A Junior Pennant Boys:

  1. Kosta Mandikos

  2. Eagan Lai

  3. Luca Connaughton

  4. Toby Ralph (not present for award)

  5. Vir Luthra (not present for award)

  6. Naima Luthra (not present for award)  





Junior Pennant for 2015:

Junior Pennant Player of the Year Award 2015:
Tennis Victoria has announced the 2015 Junior Pennant Player of the Year Award winners  for the highest grade for each of the boys, girls and mixed leagues. The presentations were held on Sunday 6 December at the Asia Pacific Tennis League South Conference Finals Day at the National Tennis Centre.

The 2015 Junior Pennant Player of Year Award Winner for 12A Boys was Michael Gershenzon (Bayside-Moorabbin). Congratulations to Michael for this achievement.


Bayside / Moorabbin Junior Pennant Team Results for 2015:

12A Boys - Winners

14A Boys White Team - Winners

14A Boys Team Blue - Runners Up

12B Boys Team - Runners Up

16A Boys Team - Runners Up

12B Girls Team - Runners Up

All of our teams have performed extremely well and are to be congratulated on these results.


12B Boys Junior Pennant - Runners Up:


14A Junior Pennant Winners – Bayside White:
Jarrod Scott, Tom Neylon, Matt Gatti, Hamish Styring and Rupert Mosley


Represent your Association in this team-based competition.
Are you looking for quality competition amongst tennis players your age? Then sign-up
now to represent your Association and play Tennis Victoria’s Junior Pennant.
Played on Sunday mornings over 10 weeks, Junior Pennant is an age based competition
for boys and girls who currently play association competition. Age groups include 10/u
(unisex), 12/u, 14/u, 16/u and 18/u (mixed). The season commenced on Sunday 23
August, and finals were played on Sunday 22 November.
For more information about how you can get involved and represent your Association,
please contact: 

Juliann Smith Ph 0407565478

2015 Regional Teams Events

2015 Teams Events Player Declaration

2015 Nomination Form

2015 Out of Age Request Form

2015 Bayside Poster

2015 Competition Rules


Junior Pennant for 2014:

It has been a very successful season for the combined Bayside and Moorabbin Junior Pennant Teams in 2014.  From the feedback from parents everyone had a wonderful season and great tennis in mostly a good sportmanship environment.  All players gave their best and it is a great opportunity for developing their match play and making new tennis friends.
Congratulations to the Bayside/Moorabbin winners and runners up of the Junior Pennant Season 2014.
12A Girls
12B Boys
14A Boys
14B Boys
14E Boys
Runners Up

12D Boys
14C Boys

Juliann Smith

The victorious 14E Boys team: left to right Jonathan Vincent, Ethan Dunlea, Caleb Curtis and Mitch Pattinson.


The winning 12A Girls team:


The runner-up 12D Boys team:


For more information about Junior Pennant visit the Tennis Victoria Junior Pennant page.


For any queries please contact:
 * Juliann Smith on 0407 565478 or 95961055 or email juliannpsmith@gmail.com, or
 * Colin Price 0414 584991



Last updated 30 May 2017