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section venue semi v semi grand v grand
1 Beaumaris LTC Dendy Park v Kooyong 2      
1 Beaumaris LTC Coatesville v Kooyong 1      
2 Bentleigh Rec Beaumaris LTC 2 v St Andrew's MB RA Carmelite v  
3 Dendy Park   v   Kooyong Scotch v Coatesville
4 Dendy Park Tennis World v Caulfield Rec   v  
4 Dendy Park Coatesville 1 v Coatesville 2   v  
5 Beaumaris LTC Royal South Yarra v Tennis World   v  
5 Beaumaris LTC Glen Eira v Carmelite   v  
6 Kooyong   v   Kooyong Scotch 1 v Kooyong Scotch 2
7 Coatesville   v   Dendy Park v Murrumbeena
8 Kings Park Beaumaris LTC   v Grace Park 2   v Tennis World MP 1
9 Lauriston   v   Kings Park v Royal South Yarra 1
10 Glen Eira   v   Beaumaris CC v Beaumaris LTC
11 Mentone St Louis de Montfort v St Leonards Tennis   v  
11 Mentone Coatesville 1 v Caulfield Rec   v  
12 Mordialloc St Andrew's MB BG v Carmelite   v  
12 Mordialloc Aspendale v Caulfield Rec   v  
13 Royal Ave Dendy Park v Tennis World Grace Park 2 v  
14 Parkdale St Mary's v Grace Park     v  
14 Parkdale Bodley Tennis Plus v Kooyong St Kevin's   v  
15 Dendy Park   v   Coatesville 2 v Royal Ave
16 Royal Ave St Paul's v Lauriston   v  
16 Royal Ave Royal South Yarra v Kooyong St Kevin's   v  
17 Dendy Park   v   Elsternwick Park v Tennis World  
18 Victory Park   v   St James 1 v St James 2
19 Dendy Park Caulfield Rec v Black Rock   v  
19 Dendy Park St Paul's 1 v St Paul's 2   v  
20 Kings Park   v   Parkdale v St Mary's
21 Beaumaris CC St Andrews MB Kevin v Dendy Park   v  
21 Beaumaris CC Bentleigh Rec v Lauriston   v  


Please note: Kooyong, 489 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong
                    Grace Park, Hilda Cres, Hawthorn

These are the updated finals venues for semi-finals, where required, and grand finals to be played on Sunday, 10th December.
Semi-final matches are to commence at 8.30am.  Courts to be open by 8.15am. Any match that has already started continues on from where the match stopped on 26th November.  For any sets already started they must have the same players on the court.  Any player not being able to complete a set must forfeit the rest of the set, any games already played stand. The grand final for these sections are to be played at the conclusion of the semi-final at the same venue. Please make sure your teams have 2 pair of good used balls for matches as they may be able to use 4 courts for singles matches.  For teams playing semi-finals please ensure they have 2 score sheets.
For sections 2, 8 and 13 - the team already in the grand final is to arrive at the venue by 10.00am.  Play to commence as soon as possible.
For sections that only have grand finals to play - these matches will commence at 9.00am as per normal.
Presentations of trophies will be at Dendy Park at the conclusion of matches.
Score sheets for semi-finals and grand finals must be brought to Dendy Park.  Semi-final score sheets can be sms'd to me at the conclusion of the semi if possible.


Teams must play in correct order of merit that has been approved by BRTA.  Any team playing out of order will be penalised.

You cannot have a draw in finals. Please refer to by-law 5.

BRTA supplies 5 trophies per team. If you require extra trophies for your team they can be purchased for $10 per trophy.

Jillian Sanders
Record Secretary
Bayside Regional Tennis Association
9584 5260 or 0419 501 365




Last updated 05 December 2017